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FUCK!! 21st Century Acronyms - MUST WATCH

Perhaps the funniest book of the year has arrived!!!

Monday, 16 September 2013

David Mitchell's personal photo album - The Final Episode

Here is David Mitchell's last audio video snippet. He takes us through the final chapters of his book and talks about Robert Webb, working with Olivia Coleman and explains a little more about his life. If you missed the episodes of David walking us through London or talking us through his photo album you can subscribe to catch up.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

David Mitchell's Final Episode - Last stop BBC

If you've been keeping up to date with the weekly episodes of David taking us on a journey around London, thank you for joining us and don't forget you can catch up with the next few Photo book episodes, the short audio snippets of David taking us through his photo album and chatting about all the stuff you didn't know.

If you haven't been keeping with the episodes and you want to add some meat onto the very bone of the book, then check subscribe and watch the David Mitchell Playlist.

For those of you who want to know about the book check out some info and reviews below:

Who is David Mitchell?

David Mitchell is a British actor, comedian and writer. He is one half of the comedic duo Mitchell and Webb, alongside Robert Webb, whom he met at Cambridge University. There they were both part of the Cambridge Footlights, of which Mitchell became President. Together the duo starred in the Channel 4 sitcom Peep Show in which Mitchell plays Mark Corrigan. The show received a BAFTA and won three British Comedy Awards, while Mitchell won the award for Best Comedy Performance in 2009. The duo have written and starred in several sketch shows including The Mitchell and Webb Situation, That Mitchell and Webb Sound and most recently That Mitchell and Webb Look. Mitchell and Webb also star in the UK version of Apple's Get a Mac advertisement campaign. Their first film, Magicians, in which Mitchell plays traditional magician Harry, was released on 18 May 2007.

I'm only a little way through this so far but I am LOVING it. It helps that I really like David Mitchell, he makes me laugh a lot, and this book is making me like him more. It's pretty much a book about nothing - sort of going for a walk and getting diverted with rambling anecdotes about childhood and random opinions. I quite like descriptions of walks (I enjoy Clare Balding Goes For A Walk on radio 4, for example), and his diversions are pretty much his panel show persona, so for me it works.

Also I've put War and Peace on hold - I'm about 1/12 of the way through it and really struggling - so I'm going to enjoy pretty much anything in comparison, and this feels like a huge treat. Will go back to War and Peace after this. (Probably. Maybe.)

If you like David Mitchell, you will like this, and if you don't like David Mitchell you won't read it anyway.

David Mitchell is one half of Peep show, Mitchell and webb and has appeared on David Mitchell soapbox, Mock the week and many other comedy panel shows like Would I lie to you. In his book Back story, the memoir David Mitchell opens up about his childhood and his journey to success.

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Monday, 19 August 2013

authonomy Blog | authonomy writing community: Summer Competition

At authonomy, we’re dedicated to discovering, connecting and nurturing exciting new writers but we also know that many members are considering self-publishing their work. That’s why we’re very excited to be launching a competition that will offer one aspiring author a suite of prizes to help them self-publish their book with a bang! 

The prizes, which have been put together by HarperCollins and the brilliant people at Crimson River Productions and Storiad, are: 

  • an editorial review 
  • a professional book cover 
  • a book trailer 
  • an ePressKit 

To enter, all you have to do is post the opening line of your book in the comments on this blog post. 

We understand that opening lines might be of many different lengths – from one word to a hundred, if you’re writing the next Robinson Crusoe – as such, we’re allowing for entries up to three sentences but no more than 100 words.

The competition will run from now until midnight BST the night of Sunday 8th September. The winning entry will be selected by a panel of readers at HarperCollins.

To keep the blog comments free for entries, please send any questions you have to

And now the finer details:

  • As well as the opening line, authors must post: - their authonomy screen name and the title of the book (in ‘quotation marks’). 
  • The full or partial manuscript does not have to be on authonomy to qualify for the competition, and new members are welcome to enter. If you want to enter and are not currently an authonomy member then click here to open a free account. 
  • All genres welcome. 
  • We encourage authors to post just the opening line of their novel. However, to allow for the varied nature of opening lines, we will accept up to three sentences or 100 words (whichever is smallest). We reserve the right to remove entries that exceed this or are deemed ‘off topic’. 
  • One entry per book. However, authors may submit multiple entries. 
  • The competition is aimed at authors with complete manuscripts, planning to self-publish their title before October 2014.
  • Authors with publishing contracts for their book will not be able to enter.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

HarperCollins call for submissions..

authonomy Blog | authonomy writing community: HarperImpulse Call for Submissions: HarperImpulse is an imprint of HarperCollins that focuses on publishing new romance fiction on a digital platform. They have a very ope...

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

David Mitchell tells us why he didn't get into Oxford university

David stops at Regents Park and admires a fountain which reminds him of his University days. In the book David Mitchell explains how he got refused entry into one prestigious university and worked hard to get into the other prestigious university..the eternal rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge can only be elevated through the musings of the man they call David Mitchell.

Just in case you missed the other video episodes in this channel, you can a. subscribe and watch the playlist, b. buy the book and watch the episodes c. read the reviews below or d. ignore a,b,c and d.

Here is a review from a blog you can find on page one of Google from a blogger who isn't me..

I love David Mitchell. Just to clarify, I am of course referring to the David Mitchell who stars in one of my favourite ever sitcoms, 'Peep Show', rather than the David Mitchell who wrote a really weird book called 'Cloud Atlas' which I failed to finish earlier this year. 'Back Story' is David ('Peep Show') Mitchell's memoir about his peaceful middle-class childhood, his experiences with Footlights at Cambridge University and his route to fame as a critically acclaimed actor and comedian. It definitely has nothing to do with 'Cloud Atlas' although Mitchell says he is frequently mistaken for the author of the bestselling book.

As a fan of Mitchell, it was always likely that I would enjoy his autobiography and therefore this book (and my review) will probably only be of interest to those who are also familiar with his TV comedy work and his journalism for The Guardian. I don't read autobiographies very often as they can often be a bit self-indulgent and/or ghost-written but Mitchell is both self-deprecating and literate which makes 'Back Story' both entertaining and engaging.

Mitchell enjoys walking and guides the reader on a tour around North London from Kilburn to the BBC studios, using each location as a launching point for a different part of his life. It's a good format and overall, it works. Much of the book focuses on his student days at Cambridge and his early career with his main comedy partner, Robert Webb. Although this section was perhaps a little over-long, Mitchell gives a good insight into the workings of the television industry and the frustrating process of getting a pilot commissioned.

Mitchell comes across as a genuinely likeable and thoroughly decent sort of chap who deserves both his personal and career successes. In particular, the chapter about his relationship with Victoria Coren (who also happens to be the host of my favourite TV quiz show, 'Only Connect') is very moving. It goes without saying that if you enjoy Mitchell's comedy, then you will like this book. If nothing else, it definitely beats 'Cloud Atlas'...

David Mitchell from Peep show, mock the week, Qi, QI XL, would I lie to you and many more classic and rather funny shows is on Facebook and Twitter, follow or subscribe to our channel for more episodes.

Book trailer by Crimson River